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Unique. Proud. Bold.


It’s in our DNA

SWATcrete developed an unique service proposal aiming to optimize the use of cement-based products, in tune with the mining sector realities and each client’s requirements. By efficiently responding to specific needs, respecting plans and specifications, and ensuring the health and safety of workers, the solutions developed by SWATcrete are of real value and clearly stand out from the competition.
The optimization of pre-existing techniques and processes, the development of dust-reduction processes aiming to improve environmental and working conditions, as well as robotic equipments designed to improve productivity and reduce risks of injury, are just a few of the various distinctive advantages. It also stands out for its values regarding staff’s health and safety, environment’s integrity and quality of work.
By promoting innovation, SWATcrete chose to shake up an industry considered rather conservative. In such an attempt, it delivers turnkey solutions able to meet clients’ specific requirements all the while increasing operations’ efficiency and safety. It is SWATcrete’s flexibility which lies at the heart of its success.


The company is constantly transforming its equipment to make it either more mobile, efficient or fast, granting it with technologies adapted to both required tasks and performing environment. The company encourages its employees’ development skills so that they, too, can confidently adapt to any situation they might encounter out in the field.


  • performance 100% 100%
  • flexibility 100% 100%
  • optimization 100% 100%


The mission focuses on innovating and optimizing the application of cement products in order to meet the challenges associated with the mining and civil sectors’ realities.



The valuable contribution expected from each of our team membersunify their skills,knowledge and experience.

A sincere commitment is crucial in order to build and maintain a relationship based on trust and opportunities to grow and develop talent.

“We are a team of winners motivated by success!”


Considering the nature of our activities, maintaining our employees’ physical and psychological integrity is our top priority.

Constant prevention and the courage to act when needed must be at the heart of each of our decisions. Neglectful and passive attitudes will not be tolerated.

“We are aware of the risks and we are taking action to eliminate them!”


In order to achieve our goals, we must aim for a flawless level of rigor which will allow and push us to outgrow ourselves day afterday.

Determination, self-discipline and attention to detailswill have a huge impact on our daily accomplishments.

“Delivering our very best in all that we do, whatever the circumstances!”


Our ambitions towards success rest in maintaining a lasting and exceptional work dynamic, granting our organization with unmatched competitive abilities.

Reaching success should be a source of motivation for everyone. The daily integration of our values of safety, rigor as a team, in our daily actions, will inevitably result in the achievement of excellence.

“We want to be the best, nothing less.”

Taking pride in our achievements, noticing the respect and satisfaction of our customers, and relentlessly embodying the very best of ourselves are our ultimate goals. Taking pride in our achievements, noticing the respect and satisfaction of our customers,and relentlessly embodying the very best of ourselves are our ultimate goals.

It is precisely there that lays our success.

Our values