When SWATcrete dare to change the mining industry

7 Nov 2020Honours0 comments

40th Company Gala

Val-d'Or Chamber of Commerce


The boldest Val-d’Or people are undeniably those of SWATcrete’s team : in barely three years of operations, they succeeded in pushing the boundaries of expertise and revolutionizing the working methods of the mining industry, thanks to their innovative turnkey solutions.

It is a well-deserved honor for SWATcrete, led by Nicola Fournier and François Gagnon, whom won “L’Audacieux” when it was presented by Le Citoyen at the 40th Company Gala of the Val-d’Or Chamber of Commerce last September 19th.

“Winning this award is a great source of pride for us, as we experienced a difficult start in a field where competition is fierce”, said François Gagnon, Director of Operations at SWATcrete. Thanks to our determination, perseverance and sense of vision we hold, the company has arrived here today.”

Doing things differently

SWATcrete, a L. Fournier et Fils’ subsidiary, was born in 2017 out of a desire to offer innovative options increasing both efficiency and safety of cement products’ application in mining and construction operations.

“Our goal is to offer services which will optimize our clients’ operations while eliminating potential hazards at their source”, explains François Gagnon, a 30 years veteran in management and mining supervision projects. We are leaving nothing to chance.”

SWATcrete quickly proved themselves and, since then, grew into a reference on the field, thanks to its turnkey solutions such as an application mobile unit unit equipped with a robotic lance ; its mobile cement rock feeding system ; and its mobile, off-road, cement injecting factory.

Adapting and innovating

At SWATcrete, flexibility and open-mindedness are part of the company’s recipe for success.
Managers gladly adapt to new situations or the specific needs of one client or the other. It comes as no surprise that word of mouth had so many positive effects on SWATcrete !

“It is essential for us to truly listen to our clients’ realities, since each of them faces different challenges”, specifies François Gagnon.

In the upcoming years, SWATcrete might very well start exporting its unique expertise and personalized services internationally.

Without any doubt, SWATcrete’s future looks promising!